Hold your hand over your eyes with your eyes closed and tell me what colours you see.

When we close our eyes in a dark space the colours we see are being generated by our minds. I asked “what colours do you see when you close your eyes right now” on Facebook and I got a wide range of answers, the whole rainbow. I have rephrased it above for more accurate response but I think we all have some colours more specific to us. I will see every colour there is at different times but most often I have a burgundy field with mauve shapes. Similar to the Rothco paintings below. Leave a comment below to let me know what colours you see. Blessed be!

Also, it’s Friday which means I’m on my way to EO to give readings and entertain. Join me if you’re in Hong Kong. I’ll do something with the colours you see as well. 


See the life you wish to lead. Ask for a charted reading at EO tonight.

There's a bit of change in schedule this week as I will be performing in Shanghai. If you are in Shanghai Friday you can come see me at Blackstone, use the QR Code in the poster for more info.

It's Tuesday and tonight I'll be performing/reading at EO. When you come ask about my new charted readings. You get a fantastic chart on your energy and life to take home with you.

blessed be,



The power of mystery. Tonight at EOHK

would you rather watch a movie till the end or miss the ending? 


most people would say they would want to see the ending. But a study out of Harvard featured in a recent "Hidden Brain" podcast shows that people are more engaged, happier, and like a movie more that they didn't get to see the ending of.


Wonder and mystery let the story live on in their imagination. This is the same reason that if I'm really into a book, I'll just never read the very end. 

Next time you watch a movie try not finishing it. 

Unlock Your Unconscious! EO tonight 25/06/17


We are between storms. The big T10 has passed and there is another typhoon on the way. Now is the doorway between two times of great energy and change. The valley between two great waves. This is a great time to explore mystery and wonder. To the left is an image of an ancient astrological die. I will have a more modern but still antique version with me tonight, ask me about it, you will be amazed what it can generate. 


It is a great time to unlock the power of your unconscious mind. Ask me how...

I'm focusing on group performances with the goal of wonder and joy tonight. So bring a group of friends and join me in the psychic booth of Employees Only HK!

Typhoon Transformations Tonight! I'll be back at EO tonight to harness the energy of today's Typhoon 10. 23/08/17

Found this great image of light coming through storm clouds in Hong Kong online. The source page seems to have been deleted, otherwise I'd love to credit whomever took the picture.  

Found this great image of light coming through storm clouds in Hong Kong online. The source page seems to have been deleted, otherwise I'd love to credit whomever took the picture.  

Well done weathering the typhoon 10 Hong Kong! I had a nice day at home with my wife and son reading books, watching cartoons, and playing ball at an indoor squash court. Tonight I will return to my little room of mystery at Employees Only. The energy of a storm is great for helping create transformations, build your own energy for manifesting and helping achieve your own energy balance.

Join me for transformation work, or just a fun time experiencing psychic entertainment. I'll be there around 7:30

 Also, please ask me about pendulum work. See my previous blog post for more info on that! 

Pendulum Dowsing, Numerology, and Zodiac Connections at EOHK tonight! 18/08/17


Dowsing is an ancient art where you use your unconscious guide to locate lost object, find personal guidence and even locate minerals and water. Ask me about it tonight and I will happily teach you the basics to get you started on this amazing exploration. I'm currently finishing up my book on the subject which I will soon have available. Feel free to download and print out the chart below for your own use with a pendulum.