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Stuart Palm

Mentalist, Hypnotist, Artist...

Stuart Palm provides incredible and enigmatic mentalism impossible mind-reading and hypnosis performances, a truly mesmerising experience. 

Guests will be amazed as Stuart looks straight into their minds and uses his unique gifts to amaze and captivate audiences for his entire show. Stuart brings an atmosphere of mystery and wonder to any event. His incredible stage show promises to be unforgettable, full of wow-factor moments, audience participation and plenty of laughter.

This dynamic and charismatic performer has been around magic all his life, having been fascinated by human psychology, perception, and the paranormal from an early age. These passions drive his unique and mysterious performances.

Using his powers of intuition and unconscious communication, or psychic entertainment, Stuart will perform blindfolded portraits of guests and guess hidden objects and pictures in a high impact and unbelievable performance. His incredible skills are perfect for adding a unique attraction to parties or corporate events as guests will be drawn to his performance and be blown away as he accurately draws their portrait without ever having seen them.

Stuart also makes an ideal roaming performer to mingle with guests and amaze them with all manner of close entertainment. For the ultimate performance Stuart will dazzle audiences with his full stage show, perfect for after dinner parties or for adding that magical surprise factor to cabaret entertainment evenings. This versatile and accomplished performer and mind reader has amazed audiences worldwide and earned rave reviews wherever he goes.

Stuart Palm's most requested show is a mentalism and hypnosis show for corporate and private events. His performance is an exploration of our unconscious mind, the mysteries of belief as well as the energy force that is often called Qi.  Stuart is also available for private readings and does book for psychic readings at events as well.

During the day Stuart works as a hypnotherapist and coach to help people make positive life changes.  To learn more about hypnotherapy by clicking here.

Belief manifests reality, it is through the unconscious mind and imagination that the concept of the impossible is washed away.
— Stuart Palm

Stuart Palm is well versed in all forms of event entertainment from close-up encounters that will blow your guests minds, to public speaking functions; from company parties and banquets to theatrical productions. Stuart Palm can entertain any crowd at any venue. His performance style stems from a background in theater and fine arts coupled with a deep passion for understanding human psychology, the human spirit and the existence of "paranormal" experience. Stuart’s show is a journey into the world of the mysterious.

THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental.
— The Kybalion.

From The Hermetic Principle of Mentalism:

...All the phenomenal world or universe is simply a Mental Creation of THE ALL, subject to the Laws of Created Things, and...The universe, as a whole, and in its parts or units, has its existence in the Mind of THE ALL, in which Mind we “live and move and have our being.”
This Principle, by establishing the Mental Nature of the Universe, easily explains all of the varied mental and psychic phenomena that occupy such a large portion of the public attention, and which, without such explanation, are non-understandable and defy scientific treatment...
— The Kybalion, 1908, The Yogi Publication Society, Masonic Temple, Chicago, ILL, Chapter 2, page 9.

"Belief Manifests Reality"

Stuart was born and raised in the small U.S. town of Dunedin, a Floridian enclave ruled over by rogue Scottish sailors and artists. One of his earliest memories is of his uncle causing coins and cookies to disappear, and then amazingly pulling them out of Stuart’s ear. Feeling at once baffled and determined to learn his uncle’s secret, the two-year-old Stuart began asking for everyone’s pennies and then making them vanish. It wasn’t until his grandmother decided to change his diaper that she found it full of copper coins.

Growing up, Stuart and his family spent many holidays at Chassahowitzka, a nearby river known in local legends as “The Swamp”. Here, houses were built on stilts over water, sideshow performers and circus folk are common, and sometimes it was even possible to catch a glimpse of real live mermaids.  At night, the locals never failed to sit down to a friendly game of poker, and this was where young Stuart fell in love with all the mystery of a deck of cards.

Stuart’s family spent their summers in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.  Here Stuart discovered his first magic shop and also took the time to befriend a clan of renegade Barnum & Baileys circus clowns and vaudeville style performers. In Tennessee Stuart spent much time investigating mysterious artifacts, hiking through the great mountains and developing both his craft as an artist and a showman.

At eighteen, deciding to focus his energy on all forms of Visual and Performance Arts, Stuart entered the Maryland Institute of Art. Amidst his easels one day and energized by paint fumes, Stuart had an epiphany that the artist was a modern Shaman, whose calling was to connect laymen to the mysteries of the imagination and the mind.  Upon moving to New York City, Stuart decided to devote himself to Mentalism and uncovering all the powers and possibilities of the human brain. 

In 2006, the unimaginable happened: Stuart Palm was beset by a series of Grand Mal seizures and had to undergo brain surgery. Through his recovery, Stuart was surprised to discover that not only did he emerge with all his learned abilities intact, but also the experience had increased his capacity to understand the human condition, to connect with people’s memories and thoughts.  He refocused his efforts and abilities and learned Hypnosis in the process.  Now, on a given evening, you can find him thrilling audiences with unforgettable feats of mentalism and hypnosis.

 After meeting the love of his life in New York City, Stuart Palm relocated and married in Hong Kong, he and his wife are now proud parents as well.  Stuart now performs all over Asia as well as the rest of the world bringing his particular brand of wonder to corporate audiences and special events. 

A particular inspiration for Stuart has been a poster of Albert Einstein sticking his tongue out, accompanied by the words: “Imagination is more important then knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”


Stuart is also a qualified hypnotherapist.  To learn more about hypnotherapy see our other site here.